Nice Body – Nice Car?

If I know anything about you–you work hard and play hard. You care about your body and work on it daily. You also care about mastering all parts of your life, forming great habits while sticking to them.

Nice Body–Nice Car?

Introducing the Carma Cover “The World’s Best Post-Workout Car Seat Towel”.

You see, when you sweat, you open the largest organ in your body-the skin. Sweating releases toxins and impurities out of skin cells. Then like most people, you get in your car and that sweat goes right into your cloth or leather seats. Gross.

The Carma Cover is 100% organic Bamboo material that has nothing dyed or synthetic so that your skin does not take in anything that is not good for you. It covers your car seat like a glove with no bunching or sliding.

Bamboo is the best material on the planet with fibers that are naturally antibiotic.

After a few uses, you simply throw the Carma Cover into the washing machine and it gets softer with each use.

Taking good care of your beautiful body and your beautiful car helps you to maintain your best life! Get your Carma Cover today!


I’m Pamela and I’m so glad you are here. I am an entrepreneur, self published author, podcaster, yogi, maker of the CarmaCover, Jesus lover and oh…a two-time cancer survivor! Click here to view my other products.