What are the Real Benefits of sweating?

We all sweat without even knowing it. Add in a mile or two run, or pump some iron and our bodies can produce up to 10 quarts of sweat. Sounds kinda gross, doesn’t it?

In this article, I am going to share what sweating does for you, and how to be prepared.

*Sweating or perspiration is water in our bodies that is released through glands in our skin. This is the body’s way of cooling itself (our own air conditioner).

 *When we work out, especially doing cardio exercise, our muscles heat up and we need to produce more sweat to cool the body.

*Working out keeps our blood flowing which produces good cholesterol.

* While you are sweating, our bodies release chemicals called endorphins that produce delicious good feelings.

* Sweating helps with circulation to the skin by aiding in the delivery of nutrients giving you a healthy glow. It also helps to produce collagen making skin plumper and revitalized.

Convinced? Great. Here is what you need to prepare your body for some healthy sweating;

  • Water. Lots of water
  • You want to keep cool
  • Have a piece of fresh fruit to replace lost minerals
  • If you are not at home, take a dry set of clothes to change into
  • And of course the most important in preparing….your CarmaCover!

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I’m Pamela and I’m so glad you are here. I am an entrepreneur, self published author, podcaster, yogi, maker of the CarmaCover, Jesus lover and oh…a two-time cancer survivor! Click here to view my other products.